The Georgia District is committed to providing quality resources for its prospective and current members and leaders. Together, we’re here to help you serve the children in your communities and across the globe. We hope that the resources found here and throughout our website will ensure seamless communication across the district, keeping you updated on leadership, events and projects.

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Resources and Downloads:

Georgia District Directory

Georgia District Bylaws

Georgia District I-Plan

Georgia Policies and Procedures Manual

Inter-Club Requirements

Outstanding Kiwanian Badges

Background Screening Process

Kiwanis International Distinguished Programs criteria

Art and Music Showcase Handbook

Contributions Workbook

Roster for Leadership Courses

Georgia Distinguished Criteria: Club

Georgia Distinguished Criteria: Division and Lieutenant Governors

2015-16 Board Meeting Minutes:
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October 2016

2016-17 Board Meeting Minutes:
August 2016
February 2017

District Convention General Session Minutes:
August 2016

Lieutenant Governor Resources:

Contact report
Official visit form
Official board visit