Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are listed categorically by whom would ask them. Should you have a question that isn’t addressed here, please feel free to contact the District Office.

What are the costs for dues?

The amount per member due to Kiwanis International is $96.00.

The breakdown on this amount is:
• Kiwanis International Dues: $42
• Kiwanis International Magazine: $8
• Member’s Liability Insurance: $16
• District Dues: $24
• Georgia Kiwanian: $4
• District Convention: $2 (This increase was passed in 2010 at Callaway)

All dues for Kiwanis International are due to Kiwanis International 30 days from the date of billing and are payable no later than November 30.

What are the requirements for 2014-15 Distinguished Club?

The criteria can be found here: 2014-15 Distinguished Programs Criteria

What are the requirements for Kiwanian of the Year?

Requirements for Kiwanian of the Year are set by the Club President with approval by the club’s board of directors. Please ask your current Club President.

How do I add, delete, or send a change of address on a member?

You will need the “Kiwanis Membership Information” Form. This form is available from Kiwanis International. You can download a copy of this form at  Once you complete this form, please send it to KI for their records. However, the District Office does not need a copy of this form as we do not update membership information.

I need more Membership Information Forms. Where do I get them?

You can download a copy of the form at or call 800-KIWANIS (800-549-2647).

When is the Monthly Report due?

The monthly report form is due by the 10th of the month following the report month. For example, September’s monthly report is due by October 10th.

How can I update the Officer Information?

Enter the members only section.
Choose the Utilities button on the left-hand side of the site.
Changes can be made by clicking the “Update Club Information” or “Update Officer Information”.

Resources for Club Presidents

To whom do I send foundation donations?

There are two different foundations: the Kiwanis International Foundation and the Georgia District Foundation.

Kiwanis International Foundation donations need to be sent to:
Kiwanis International Foundation
3636 Woodview Trace
Indianapolis, IN 46268

Georgia District Foundation donations need to be sent to:
Georgia District Foundation
P. O. Box 6618
Macon, GA 31208

How much is each foundation requesting?

Each year these amounts change. And the amounts also change if you wish to become a distinguished club. However, a good amount to go by is $6 per member (based on the number of members on October 1 of each year) or no less than $100.

Resources for Key Club Advisors

How can my club reinstate our Key Club?

Collect dues for a minimum of 15 members for the current year. A club cannot reactivate with less than 15 members. You must have the contact information and year of graduation for each student. 2011-2012 year dues are $13.00 per year per person. Include your name and contact information as well as the school advisor.

Have the Kiwanis Club write a letter that states they wish to continue to sponsor the Key Club. They also must send in a $100.00 check that is a re-instatement fee as long as the charter has not been revoked.

All of this (dues, roster, letter and $100.00 fee) should be sent together to:
Key Club International
3636 Woodview Trace
Indianapolis, IN 46268.

They will process the request, and that should get you club back on track.